"The Beginning Experience weekend was the first time I met other people similar to myself. Our circumstances were different but the pain, hurt and loneliness I'd felt as a result of my separation was common to us all. It was a great source of reassurance to me that I was not alone."

"My own willingness to engage fully with weekend process allowed me to acknowledge deep feelings I'd buried for a long time, it gave me the tools to understand the grieving process and in one short weekend brought me further on my healing journey than the many years prior had."

- Patricia

When my wife Anne went to the spirit world after a twenty seven year fight against cancer, I could never have imagined the changes it would bring to my life. My family had grown up and moved from home and the emptiness in the house became shocking to say the least.

I say house because it no longer felt like the home that Anne and I had built and shared together. Even the estate where we had lived, no longer seemed the same and often times strange. Someone guided me towards B.E. (Beginning Experience) and I attended a residential weekend course in Cork under the guidance of the wonderful Beginning Experience team.

The course turned out to be a new personal journey for me as it proved to be for the other participants. I came away with a greater understanding of grief and how it was having a new influence in my life. I learned how to deal with my feelings. I never want to forget the memories that Anne and I have shared and now I understand them in a new light and can deal with them in a calm and relaxed way.

I shared the weekend course with those who were experiencing grief as a result of the loss of a loved one from different life situations. The course made a positive difference to those who attended. Wishing continued success and blessings on all who work on the B.E. team.

- John Donovan

"I was coming from a very lonely and isolated place and I found this weekend saved my life, I had hit a wall after four years of grieving for my husbands unexpected death and found a sense of peace and friendship which helped me move on.

"I did my Beginning Experience weekend four years after my husband died unexpectedly. I thought I was coping but then I reached a wall. The weekend allowed me to work through my pain and see that I had a future, a new normal one. I am grateful for the friends I've met through this who understand where I'm coming from."

- Anne